About Us

Our company was established officially in 2013 by Mr. Ogunoye Olusegun Adetimi.
However, prior to the company’s incorporation and registration, the CEO has been rendering free education counseling, advice and services to many. Due to the
concern he has for many Nigerian youths who after passing WAEC/ NECO, UTME or their O’ Levels successfully were still struggling to get themselves admitted into good Universities/ Colleges/ Institutions of their choices to further their education.
He did not stop at the realm of mere concern; he swung into full action by sending them overseas to study. As at today, the company has assisted a lot of students to
gain admission into various Institutions off-shore, giving accurate visa counseling (making the students’ chances to gain visa very high) and rendering good student support services. The Company’s transparency, honesty and integrity have announced us so much

that many are contacting us based on these. Rendering of satisfactory service is not only priority, it is also our watch word. We have since been gaining grounds as our services have been popularizing us.

Our Mission

Our mandate is to bring education to the door step of youths who have the capacity and the will to study. We are committed to making their hopes and dreams come alive and give them opportunity of exposure which will better their lives and on their return to their home country Nigeria, will better the nation. We are mission bound to liberate Nigerian youth from their educational ignorance and frustration and create sufficient awareness that can make them fulfilled in their chosen prospective career

Our Goal

• To be the best education agency
• To gain new grounds and extend our tentacles all over Nigeria and Africa.
• To passionately combat education ignorance to a standstill equally among both the boys and girls
• To give opportunity to youths to maximize their potentials as they have the privilege to best learning environments fashioning them into great professional
• To be able to provide services according to the capacity of our clients, being able to meet their educational needs of broad spectrum
• Ensuring we work with competence and conscience at all times.

Our Value

• To work with high level of integrity and honesty at all times
• To prepare students to travel with the intention to study and return to their homes countries and make it a better place
• To maintain and uphold a good name at all times
• To prioritize good relationship with Institutions and foster it
• To continually provide support and monitor academic progress of our students abroad

Our Vision

To be an avant garde of hope to the hopeless youth wasting away in their educational ignorance. To be the most sought after education agency, providing services to youth and individuals to eradicate fully
the era of ignorance. To have partnership with various schools to be
able to meet up with the demands of prospective students.