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We submit applications from overseas students seeking further and higher education opportunities in the UK and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and the UAE. Our service is independent and its primary objective is to match the individual priorities of each student with the particular needs and requirements of each education institution.

Study in the United States

  • California state uni, San Bernardino
  • Woodbury University at Califonia
  • Kings pathways
  • EF Education First
  • middle Tennessee state university
  • university o Georgia
  • American University preparatory school
  • College of English Language
  • Loma Linda University
  • Shorelight Education

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Study in the United Kingdom

  • Kings Colleges
  • Ocxee
  • Study Group
  • London School of Business & finance

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Study in Australia

Study in Canada

  • Fulford Preparatory College
  • Pacific Link College
  • ST. John international School

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Study in Turkey

  • Yasar university
  • Maltepe University
  • Altinbas University
  • Kadir Has University

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Study in India

  • Poornima University
  • Sandip University

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